License to Thrill: I Wanna be a Bond Girl

I grew up in a house with two stepbrothers, which I was right in between age wise, and a retired US Air Force Lt. Colonel as my step dad. Needless to say we watched a lot of all of the James Bond movies (and war movies and my personal favorites Indiana Jones) when we had pizza night. I grew into the awkward teenage years looking at these gorgeous, cultured, and frankly the sexiest women to play in action movies. 

My Favorite Bond Girls:

Ursula Andress (Honey Ryder in Dr. No)


Daniela Bianchi (Tatiana Romanova in From Russia with Love)


Claudine Auger (Dominique "Domino" Derval in Thunderball)

Jane Seymour (Solitaire in Live and Let Die)

What do all of these women have in common, besides making James Bond fall for them? They're all so effortlessly sexy. Keep reading for a few simple ways to turn yourself into your own version of a Bond girl. 

Touch Me Hair: 
The hair is super simple, all you need is a set of velcro rollers and a hair dryer to set the style. Or if you need some extra help (like my super fine hair) feel free to use a mouse or a root lifter or whatever works for you. 
  • Roll 3 inch sections of your hair up into the rollers, and pin them as close to your scalp as possible with roller pins or clips or even bobby pins. 
  • Once you're all rolled up pick up the hair dryer and set on the warm or hot setting and blast the rollers with that air for about 5 to 6 minutes. 
  • Once you've blasted them with the hot, you can blast with the cold setting for the same amount of time or if you have the time, let them cool naturally. 
  • Pull out your rollers and hold your head upside down and finger comb. 
  • Flip your head back up right and tease around the crown. Just remember, these ladies' never had the "Bump-It" look. Keep it natural, not Snookie

Come Hither Eyes: 
Keeping the idea of effortlessly sexy, you want to keep them kinda big and doe like. Grab an eyeshadow palette that is pretty close to your skin tone with a contour and a highlight shade, a liquid eyeliner (black, brown, plum, navy, slate gray perhaps), mascara and either a strip or individual false lashes
  • If you have oily lids or just really want your shadows to stay put, blend a touch of either a makeup primer or even some concealer works in a pinch. Use a regular shaped eyeshadow brush and cover you eyelid with the shadow that is closest to your skin tone. 
  • Next pick up a rounded crease brush or a softer eyeshadow brush and use the contour shade in your crease, blending really well. Take the highlight shade and add it to the brow bone and blending down. You can also put it into the inner corner to make close eyes look farther apart and also to "wake up" the eye area. 
  • Here you need a steady hand and a good brush for a liquid liner. Sonia Kashuk makes a great one for Target (if you can find it, its always out when I go). Using a liquid liner draw a line that starts thin on the inner corner and getting thicker as you reach the other corner and flicking the liner up outside the corner. Tip Time!! Imagine a continuation of your lower lash line and follow that for the perfect cat eye flick. 
  • Brush on some mascara and place your false lashes (individual or the outer portion of a strip of falsies) on the outer corner. You can go for length or for volume, or even both. Now bat those lashes. 
Licensed to Kiss: 
Bond girls have full lips in a nude or very similar color to their natural lip color. The idea is to make your lips look natural, but even better. Try to avoid smoking cigarettes or anything that causes your mouth to pucker (drinking through straws) as they can add lines around your mouth, making you look older than what you really are. 
  • Swipe on a hydrating but non sticky lip balm. And line your lips with either a nude or a matching lip liner. You can always line just outside your natural lip line to make your lips appear fuller. Carefully swipe on your lipstick of choice (or use a lip brush for a more precise application). Add a drop of a matching or clear lip gloss on the middle part of your lower lip for a fuller, more kissable look (minus the pain of injections). 
Dressing the Part
Try a red or a coral colored dress which attracts guys on a subconscious level. You could always invest in some deliciously touchable fabrics, like silk or cashmere, or even a soft knit sweater dress. Try to avoid a lot of pink or teal, since this tends to read kinda Barbie doll. Put on your highest heels that you can walk or dance comfortably in. For added comfort when standing or dancing for a long time, use pads at the balls of your feet and with them you can dance all night long! 

Now practice your strut and a come hither gaze and soon every Bond wannabe will be trying to get your attention.

Ruby Goddess

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LoveSmokeyEyes said...

Love James Bond and Bond girls, too. Isn't it too sad that the latest one is on hold? Will definitely implement your tips on hair- I am a hopeless hairstylist. Bye.

Pinch said...

I agree, those women are gorgeous! It also helps they're slightly dangerous and mysterious :)

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