42 Question: Get to know me!

Greetings bloggers! Welcome to my blog! I'm trying this as an outlet for my creativity that my studies won't allow me to have. As a self taught, aside from a little practice for extravagant stage makeup, and after much frustration decided to start my own blog after finding very few and far between for pale girls like myself. I love the ones I've found and read them more often than I do the news. Here's the first step toward being creative. Wish me luck!

1. How many times do you wash your face daily? Twice, but sometimes less depending on how dry my skin gets.
2. What type of skin do you have? Very dry and sensitive.
3. Current face wash? Cetaphil's Gentle Cleanser.
4. Do you exfoliate? Not often, my skin tends to flare up and it hurts like hell after.
5. What brand do you use? I usually add a pinch of oats to my face wash or some honey (bonus: it makes a great mask too!)
6. What moisturizer do you use? I switch between Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream during fall and winter and then I switch to St. Ives Collagen Elastin facial moisturizer since its lighter and never feels oily when its hot during spring and summer
7. Do you have freckles? Yes, and I adore them!
8. Do you use an eye cream? Nope, I don't need to yet. Knock on wood.
9. Are you acne prone? I get one every once and a while, its usually due to stress.
10. Did you ever have to use Pro Active? Nope, I would borrow the spot treatment from my brother for my random flare ups.
11. What foundation do you use? I use Almay's foundation that recognizes your skin's coloring. The name is escaping me. I also use L'Oreal True Match in Alabaster (the palest in the cool undertones).
12. Which concealer? I use a combination of the palest concealer in a pot from NYX and a "light" (which is dark on me) concealer stick from Maybelline.
13. Your undertones? Cools
14. What are your thoughts on false eyelashes? I love, love, love them. I wear them every weekend when I go out with my girls. I even had to fix my friend's falsies the other night. I'm hoping its because I carry lash glue in my makeup bag on weekends instead of just being a picky person.
15. Do you change your mascara every three months? Yea, mostly because by the time three months comes around, I've fully made up my mind if I'll buy that one again.
16. What brand of mascara do you use? Right now I'm using Smashbox Lash DNA, not really liking it, thank god it came in my stocking as a sample from my mum.
17. Sephora or Mac? I've never been to a Mac counter or store, sigh, so as a default I'm gonna have to go with Sephora.
18. Do you have a Mac pro card? I wish, course I'd be broke from it.
19. What tools do you use in your application? I hate using my fingers or touching my face with them. I'm a strong believer of brushes. I've been using Eco Tools brushes for a bit and they feel awesome. I can't manage a foundation brush, I just get streaks, I just use one of those little sponges that I can throw away when I'm done.
20. Do you use a primer for the eye? Not a primer per se. Its actually the liquid version of Stila's fabulous color Kitten.
21. What about for the face? I use Smashbox Color Correcting Primer in green to combat the ever present redness in my skin.
22. What is your favorite eyeshadow? Color or Shade? I like wearing earthy tones with a pop of color in the outer corner. Right now I'm a big fan of purples there, I tried a green there, not so much. Course when I go out with my girls, I'm all for color!
23. Pencil or liquid? Neither, I'm a gel liner kind of girl. I do like laying down a base line to follow with a sharp pencil though.
24. How often do you poke yourself in the eye with eyeliner? I don't even really recall a time aside when I first started wearing eyeliner in high school.
25. Thoughts on pigments? I like the color payoff and when they are done right, they look beautiful. But making them look right can be messy.
26. What about mineral makeup? I do you a finishing veil to set all my face makeup, never tried the rest.
27. Favorite lipstick? I haven't found one yet, I am looking for one that looks like my lips but better.
28. Favorite lip gloss? I love the Buxom Babes, especially Bambi and Ginger.
29. Favorite blush? I like NARS Orgasm, the name is what originally drew me to it, but the color has kept me. It looks super natural on me, not too pink or really anything.
30. Have you ever bought makeup on Ebay? To be honest, I don't know how to work Ebay at all. Plus I'd get too anxious trying to win all the time.
31. Do you like drugstore makeup? For the most part, some of its hit and miss. I cannot stand Cover Girl (love the song and RuPaul!) because the makeup has poor color payoff, plus the foundations are always off on me.
32. Do you go to Cosmetic Company Outlet? Oh how I wish I knew where one is.
33. Did you ever consider taking makeup classes? I took a class in middle school for stage makeup for a class. I can now do body makeup and I can contour and highlight like its no one's business.
34. Are you clumsy at putting make up on? I used to be, but it went away with a bunch of practice.
35. Name a makeup crime you can't stand? Fake tanning, I don't understand how frying your skin is fashionable. I for one don't want to look like my Michael Kors purse by the time I'm 30.
36. Do you prefer neutrals or colors? Each has a place in my beauty routine. but in some places the bright colors need to be kept away.
37. Which celebrity do you think has flawless makeup? Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester. She always looks so chic and put together.
38. Pick the one product that can leave the house wearing, and only one. I can't leave without some form of chapstick or lip balm.
39. Can you leave the house without makeup? I do many days when I go to university. I have too much to do for school than to bother with makeup. Besides, I'm sure my calculus book cares that I look pretty for it. :)
40. Do you think you look good without makeup? My boyfriend thinks I do and I don't mind it. I do wish my lashes weren't so light, that way I wouldn't feel the need to constantly wear mascara.
41. What do you think, in your opinion is the best make up line? I've only tried bits and pieces of multiple lines so I haven't really had a chance to really decide. I can safely say thought its not gonna be Cover Girl.
42. What do you think of makeup? I think of it as a form of self expression. It should be used to enhance the beauty that you already have, such as full lips or a set of gorgeous eyes.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know  me. Check back for more about me and my love for extravagant makeup.

Ruby Goddess 

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Beth said...

Hey! I'm so glad you started your blog and its really nice to learn a bit more about your beauty personality!

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